Henry Body featured on The One Show 2015 vs 2025

Here at Burnham Portable Toilet Hire we were excited to read that one of our long standing clients was featured on the silver screen! Racing legend Henry Body and Dominic Littlewood.

ONE is famous for his no-nonsense everyman approach to fraud and light entertainment. The other is famous for being the oldest, toughest, fastest thing the Cheddar Valley has produced on two wheels.

In 2024, the late Henry Body’s collection was auctioned off in Wilshire, his lifelong passion for motorcycles stayed with him always, as do our memories.

“..auction sale of the late Henry Body’s bike collection. To be held in Chippenham, Wiltshire, UK on Saturday 11th May 2024, auctioneers are Richard Edmonds Auctions.

In 2015, The One Show’s Dominic Littlewood has geared up for a race against the South West’s fastest octogenarian, Henry Body.

“He might be 81 but he can ride his 1929 Douglas motorbike a lot faster than that in terms of MPH. And he had to in a turtle-and-hare race against Dom Little wood on the fastest modern motorbike he could find.

The race nearly didn’t happen after quibbles over insuring the octogenarian for a high-speed quarter-mile sprint but Henry chose to accept the risk and the contest was held at Westonzoyland back in the summer”

Who won? The host of Don’t Get Done, Get Dom or a man from Biddisham with a pacemaker, one eye and capable of hitting 110mph in a quarter-mile and whose been riding longer than 50-year-old Littlewood’s been alive?

Taken from an original 2015 article at the Cheddar Gazette which is no longer online.

Nearly Ten Years Later – Loo and Behold! Burnham Goes Solar: A Pioneering Flush of Innovation in Somerset

Move over Thomas Crapper and the DeLorean, there’s a new time machine in town, and it’s not for going back in time – it’s for going green in the here and now! Burnham Portable Toilet Hire, a Somerset institution since 1992, has just unveiled their latest bit of kit, and let’s just say it’s a real doozy. Buckles off and trousers down, because we’re about to dive poofirst into the world of solar-powered sanitation.

Solar Toilet Hire Somerset Sustainable Festival Events Construction Loo Bristol 2024-2

I’m sure you know by now, Burnham Portable Toilet Hire is a family-run business that’s been keeping Somerset’s events shipshape (or should we say, “ship-a-poo-shape”) for over 28 years. Founded by Steve and Jackie Richards in 1992, the company has become a familiar sight at festivals, weddings, construction sites, and basically anywhere a sudden urge might strike. They’ve even gone the extra mile to support the local community, sponsoring U18 rugby teams and ensuring these young athletes have one less thing to worry about on the pitch.

But Burnham’s not content with just being, well, number two. They’re constantly innovating, and their recent acquisition of brand new, 2024-model solar-powered portable toilets is a testament to that. These aren’t your bog-standard loos (sorry, we couldn’t resist). These beauties are powered by the sun itself, making them a beacon of eco-friendly waste management.

Solar Toilet Hire Somerset Sustainable Festival Events Construction Loo Bristol 2024-1

“We’re incredibly excited to be the first company in the area to offer these solar-powered toilets,” beams Steve Richards, co-founder of Burnham Portable Toilet Hire.

“It’s a fantastic way for us to reduce our environmental impact and shows our commitment to sustainability.”

Now, you might be thinking, “Solar-powered loos? How exactly does that work?” Well, picture this: Sunlight hits strategically placed solar panels on the roof of the unit, generating electricity. This electricity then powers the lights inside the loo, ensuring a bright and pleasant experience (even if the business at hand isn’t exactly sunshine and rainbows). It can also be used to power ventilation systems, keeping things fresh and avoiding any unpleasant odours wafting out.

But the benefits go beyond just a touch of eco-friendly virtue signalling. These solar-powered loos are a logistical marvel. No more need for messy generators or trailing extension cords. They’re completely self-contained, making them perfect for remote locations or situations where access to power is limited. Imagine a quaint village fete – these loos can be seamlessly integrated without disrupting the aesthetics or the environment.

Sustainable Portable Toilet Hire Somerset Solar Powered klanet kind Festival Events Construction Loo Shower Hire BPTH

Of course, with any innovation, there’s wonder “Those new loos are the real game changers – they’re the future of waste management!” or “Looks like Burnham’s taking a positive step towards a greener future, one kilowatt at a time!”

But in all seriousness, Burnham Portable Toilet Hire‘s investment in solar technology is a significant step forward. It’s a win for the environment, a win for convenience, and a win for showcasing how a local Somerset business can be a leader in sustainable sanitation solutions. So next time you see a Burnham portable toilet bathed in sunlight, don’t just think of it as a place to answer nature’s call – think of it as a beacon of innovation, a testament to local pride, and a loo with a view (of a brighter future, that is).