Henry Body features on The One Show 2015

Here at Burnham Portable Toilet Hire we were excited to read that one of our long standing clients was featured on the silver screen!

ONE is famous for his no-nonsense everyman approach to fraud and light entertainment. The other is famous for being the oldest, toughest, fastest thing the Cheddar Valley has produced on two wheels.

That’s right, The One Show’s Dominic Littlewood has geared up for a race against the South West’s fastest octogenarian, Henry Body.

He might be 81 but he can ride his 1929 Douglas motorbike a lot faster than that in terms of MPH. And he had to in a turtle-and-hare race against Dom Little wood on the fastest modern motorbike he could find.

The race nearly didn’t happen after quibbles over insuring the octogenarian for a high-speed quarter-mile sprint but Henry chose to accept the risk and the contest was held at Westonzoyland back in the summer

Who won? The host of Don’t Get Done, Get Dom or a man from Biddisham with a pacemaker, one eye and capable of hitting 110mph in a quarter-mile and whose been riding longer than 50-year-old Littlewood’s been alive?

Update: Our thanks to Dom Littlewood who has told us the race has been rescheduled to Wednesday, November 18 – but remains subject to change.

Read the original article at the Cheddar Gazette