Portable Toilet Hire Local Sponsorship and Sports Clubs

Here at Burnham Portable Toilet Hire we always try to do our bit for our local community. Being a family run business we generally have the same ideas of what we like. (Not always though). Sport is something we all participate in, Steve the company director has always had a passion for Rugby and Cricket and he played every weekend in his younger days. Steve and Jackie now regularly play Golf.

Pictured: Jackie and Steve Richards from Burnham Portable Toilet Hire with Churchfield School’s Molly Bolton and Michael Kitchen and pupils Keira and Nate. Published by burnham-on-sea.com, they reported the following:

Festival Temporary Toilets Portable Loo Somerset Hire Hot Showers Construction Long TermA community-spirited Burnham-On-Sea company has given a generous donation to a local school so that pupils can enjoy more trips at a subsidised rate during the cost-of-living crisis.

Jackie and Steve Richards from Burnham Portable Toilet Hire have donated to Churchfield School so that Year 6 pupils can take part in the educational trips.

Jackie said: “Both our children went to school here and we love to support it whenever we can. When we heard about this need, we wanted to help.

The school’s Molly Bolton and Michael Kitchen thanked the couple, with Molly adding: “This very generous donation will enable pupils in Year 6 to go on a residential trip at the end of June.”

“The donation is particularly appreciated at this time when many parents are struggling and no-one wants to see children missing out on important opportunities. Out thanks go to Jackie and Steve for their continuing support.”

We often get approached by people or organisations asking for support, obviously, we try and help where we can, but we like to support the things close to our heart. Previously we sponsored Burnham RFC with new club shirts for the entire mini/junior section for 2021/2022.

Somerset Festival Portable Toilet Hire Specialist

We have been hiring out portable toilets for a variety of reasons; Lots of Somerset-based parties for individuals, Pop up Camping, Allerton Harvest Home end of September 2021, Weston Zoyland bike races. Family meet ups and gatherings have been popular now the lockdown restrictions have eased, customers are booking us for parties, Birthday/Anniversary and general knees ups. Send us your photos via Facebook!

Of course, if you want a price for portable toilet hire at your sporting event, call us on 01278 794800 or send a message on the Contact Form and we promise to reply as soon as we can.

Rugby Club Sponsorship

Rugby really is a passion of all of us here. Most members of staff have played and now lots of our children do too. The clubs we sponsored in 2020 were Burnham on Sea RFC and Winscombe RFC. We all have children that play for these clubs and staff also. Rugby is a sport that teaches so many disciplines and is exactly what we want our children to learn. We also regularly provide our toilets to these clubs for any events they may be having.

Burnham RFC Portable Toilet Hire Football Somerset Taunton Cossington Sporting Events 2018 sponsorship 2018

2020 news: If you were following the Six Nations at the moment, we were lucky enough for the Directors Grandson to be selected as a mascot for the England V Wales game recently.

It was a huge moment for our family and England also won, so it was a great day had by all. It is memories that will last forever.

Winscombe RFC Portable Toilet Hire Football Somerset Taunton Cossington Sporting Events 2018 sponsorship 2018-

Cricket Club Sponsorship

We also sponsor several local Cricket Clubs, Bridgwater CC, Wembdon CC and Weston Super Mare CC. Again these clubs are vital to community spirit, a feeling of belonging to something stays with you forever. We have worked closely with Weston Super Mare CC for a number of years now. This club will often put on fundraising events, supporting organisations such as Weston Hospice, we always provide our toilet units free of charge to the events, and it’s good to give back.

Somerset Rebels Speedway

Somerset Speedway is another local club we sponsor. It really is on our doorstep and they put on the most brilliant race nights, which see people traveling from a far to follow the Somerset Rebels. Speedway bikes have no brakes, just one gear, a clutch and 500cc engines. They run on methanol fuel and can accelerate to 60mph, faster than a formula 1 car!!! This really is a super family event for all to attend.

Highbridge Ladies Running Club

We have recently donated a lockable cupboard to the newly established Highbridge Ladies Running Club. They started their journey in April 2017 and have become extremely popular in the last 11 months. The run leaders are all volunteers and we love the community spirit these ladies bring with them.
It is so important in this day and age that adults and children have somewhere to go and belong. These clubs all provide this, a safe environment, with boundaries and rules, and most importantly fun!

We here at Burnham Portable Toilet Hire are extremely proud to be able to help, give a little something back to our community.

Twickenham Rugby Stadium Tour 2016

This weekend just gone we took Ronnie our son to Twickenham Rugby stadium. He belongs to England Junior Rugby supporters club and was lucky enough to win a chance to train at the stadium and meet some ex and current Rugby players.
Ronnie who plays for Winscombe RFC under 7’s soon to be under 8’s met England’s, Will Greenwood 55 International Caps. Wales, Scott Quinnell 52 International Caps, and England’s Rachael Burford, 56 International Caps. We also met Ruckley the clubs Mascot.
As a family we all have a passion for Rugby and this was such a wonderful day out with so many other Rugby fans.
We all got a chance to walk on the sacred ground of Twickenham with tours of the changing rooms and museum. Ronnie was provided with a kit and even got to run out of the famous tunnel and sing the national anthem.

Portable Construction Portable Toilet Hire Bristol Somerset Devon Portable Shower Hire

Ronnie had fun and enjoyed scoring a drop goal and even a try on the famous pitch! We obviously took the Winscombe RFC flag and proudly flew it on the pitch. The passion for rugby starts when youngsters first pick up a ball and the England Rugby Junior Supporters Club brings young fans closer to the team and to the sport.


Twickenham Rugy Stadium Photo Slideshow

10 Fundraising Ideas for Sports Clubs To Raise Money

Fundraising isn’t easy but it doesn’t need to be a gigantic event which would be a headache to organise. Remember the old acronym KISS – Keep It Simple and Short – often kid’s and youth clubs struggle for funding and with rugby, football, and hundreds of other popular and niche grassroots sports clubs will testify, sometimes the simple ideas raise the most money.

Team leaders, members, family and friends can be your quick win key when fundraising at sports clubs, so we’ve put together a Top 10 Fundraising Ideas agenda that won’t make you sweat half as much as when you’re on the playing field!

1 – Fundraising at a few quid per person – Training Night Tasters for friends

We’ve put this at the top as it’s not well advertised that we have noticed when we visit venues.

Whichever sports venue we have visited we lookout for club promotions with a dual purpose; our favourite which we remember is to bring along a pal for £3 to join in a training session as a taster and brief introduction to the sport. Held once a month the regularity is reassuring if your buddy can’t make it this month. The double benefit is that your pal may just be interested in joining your team to swell the club coffers.

Portable Toilet Hire Festival Event Somerset bRISTOL Weston super Mare Septic Tank Emptying Cess Pit Bio Digenster Water Refill Waste Management Services Burnham Sea Bridgwater

2 – Financing Your Sports Shirt Printing – Annual Sponsorship

This is a common way that most clubs use to garner cash from local businesses who want to invest in the community and the longevity of your sports club.

Portable Toilet Hire Sports Clubs Event Festival Somerset Bristol Weston super Mare Septic Tank Emptying Cess Pit Bio Digenster Water Refill Waste Management Services

Consider the extra ways to sweeten the deal, such as a banner on your website which can be tracked with Google Analytics to demonstrate the number of monthly clicks of your website visitors who click and are forwarded automatically to their business website.

The best feature of this deal is that it’s not too much effort and only once a year to renew their financial support, and our next idea shows how you can eeek out a little more money by offering them exclusive appearances at various local establishments where you will be in-house making a personal appearance to the general public .. that’s right, we’re talking about supermarkets:

3 – Supermarket Bag Packing for a sports club donation

Supermarket bag packing is a hugely popular and often overlooked easy way to raise money, by collecting loose change at the till side when customers pay for their shopping. This is also a plus point if you have your sports gear on with the logo of your local sponsor, ask them to come along or provide business cards to pop into shopping bags (is the supermarket allows it – do ask!), bonus points if your sponsor wishes to provide promotional items such as shopping tote bags to give away.

Your shirt sponsor could also be approached for a dual promotional leaflet print campaign, you can promote your monthly Taster Training Nights or the date of an upcoming event such as a horse race night fundraising evening.

4 – Virtual Zoom Race Nights – Sponsor a Horse Name or Be A Punter

Instant Horse Racing download packages to suit Virtual Lockdown Race Nights – as featured in a Great British tabloid Sunday newspaper. Read the simple Step By Step Guide to running a race night.

5 – Earn Money From Your Sports Team Website

Here’s some common fundraising tactics for your sports website:

  • Sponsored posts to the club website, maybe an interview from a rising star in your sport, or a seasoned professional
  • Banners – Promotional imagery, banners, and creatives from your shirt sponsor, or local business / tradesperson
  • Using Google Analytics you can demonstrate to your paid advertisers how many people click through from your website to theirs
  • Advertise your club for functions, create a new page and upload a video to YouTube and embed in your blog post. Do a walk-through video of before and after preparing for an event, whether this is a Christmas party or a Wedding reception. Remember to mention the fire regulation for the maximum amount of people are allowed to attend, plus extra information about a DJ you recommend, or buffet prices per head.
  • On your homepage you can mention your Supermarket Bag Packing date, the ‘Bring a friend to training sessions’ monthly date, and dates of any upcoming public events and match days
  • Should you feel that updating your website is a challenge, message Nina our Somerset-based Digital Marketing SEO Lady, she’ll happily advise

6 – Make Money At Public Events and Match Days

Here’s another opportunity to fundraise right on your home turf. If you have a weekend or weeknight event, then it’s time to be proactive in asking visitors for a few quid. Here’s some popular ways that are creative ways to earn extra cash for your club:

  1. Match-day raffle – Raffles may not draw in as many pennies as some of the other ideas mentioned here, so think about offering a unique prize, maybe a free car wash, a service from one of your sponsors, a food hamper raffle, guess the number of sweets in a jar
  2. Car boot sales on match days or at events
  3. Inflatable castles for the kids (and adults!)
  4. Match-day car washing for £5, recruit people to walk around the car park as visitors enter and promise to wash their vehicle to be ready for when they leave
  5. Sponsoring a team in an unusual event such as Dragon Boat racing, or hire an inflatable Zorbing football company to run a competition day. You can hire  “It’s A Knock Out” companies for Public vs Team Members – prize for the winning team
  6. To echo one of the points above – recruit grass roots youngsters to come to a training day to swell your team numbers – run a family-friendly open day
  7. Bar food, BBQ and bar sales, have a promotion for the day on certain lagers and spirits, a few posters around the bar area does the trick

7. Sponsored Team Challenges – From Marathons to Mountain Climbing

This one is fairly easy to organise. You can measure how many times around the pitch (or swimming pool!) that is the equivalent of 5k for a public event. You can involve youngsters with doing a sponsored walk around the pitch. There’s also cycling routes and bungee jumping to consider too. This is quite an easy way to raise a more significant amount of cash by involving the whole club in these sponsored challenges.

8. Pay To Enter Quiz Nights – Bar Takings and Food

You can treat quiz nights a bit like match days, offer food and drinks promotions, and a raffle. Again, have people book in advance for car washes, promote the event on the homepage of your website. Offer your shirt sponsors the opportunity to leave out leaflets and business cards on the bar or on a welcome table.

9 – Website eCommerce – Kit sponsoring – Sell on your website

Most websites can be converted into an online store. Offer Click n Collect for local people. Sporting clubs will often have their kit sponsored by a local business or a generous benefactor, but in terms of cold hard cash to pay the heating bill in winter, or to reward team members with a Christmas party, when you are an active supporter of your local community balancing the books to ensure you continue to serve is an ongoing challenge, right? Using your website as a gateway to the local community and a wider reach, install an eCommerce function on your website, and sell directly to the public online.

10 – Pitch Advertising Space, Billboards, Banners and Posters

One genius idea we heard of was to contact local printing companies and ask them to sponsor pitchside billboards as they will happily design their own signs and banners. There’s the double benefit of promoting themselves and supporting your club.

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