Welfare and Groundhog Hire and Servicing Somerset

Burnham Portable Toilet Hire have a limited number of GP360 Welfare Units available to hire, as well as providing inspecting, cleaning and restocking for units that have been provided by another organisation. These self-contained units are usually placed where no electricity, water or drains are on site. We can service the toilet and refill water on all unit sizes. Enquire on the office number: 01278 794800 or send a message via the email Contact Form.

Advance booking to hire groundhog/welfare units is strongly recommended as they are in high demand.

GP360 Welfare Unit Genquip Groundhog Features – for 12 workers

It is a Health and Safety requirement in England for contractors and employers to provide basic welfare facilities when there are 3 or more employees working in the outdoors and open to the Great British weather. The GP360 Welfare Unit from Genquip Groundhog is an innovative unit which is designed to be easily towed to your work site and set up quickly and easily using unique hydraulic jacks and retracting wheels. In fact, one person can complete the entire setup process in less than three minutes.

Inside the unit, you’ll find everything you need to provide basic welfare facilities for your workers. The rear of the unit features a recirculating toilet with hand washing facilities, a drying room, and a super-silenced diesel generator. The front of the unit is furnished with a kitchen that includes a single stainless steel sink with a cold water tap, 20 litres of fresh drinking water with a disposable cup dispenser, a 20-litre waste water tank, an instant hot water hand wash, a microwave, and a first aid kit. The adjoining rest area includes a table and seating area for up to six people, with an electric heater and remote starting facility for the generator.

Best of all, the GP360 is easy to move as your work site changes. With only a three-minute pick-up and set-down time, downtime is minimized, saving you both time and money.

We do have additional Welfare Units which are manufactured by other premium brands, pre-order one of our groundhog units as part of your next outdoor project. We also offer Construction Site portable toilets around the South West UK.

Servicing: Waste water and effluent is held in a separate tank underneath the units, we can access these tanks easily and dispose of all waste safely and correctly. We offer competitive rates and can service these units at a time and date to suit you or arrange a schedule of empties to suit the requirements of the individual. Burnham Portable Toilet Hire will provide you with all necessary insurance certificates, waste carriers licence, permit to discharge and waste transfer notes.

Welfare Groundhog Cabin Hire Somerset and South West UK

Based in Burnham-on-Sea, our service area runs throughout the South West of Somerset including Cheddar, Wells, Yeovil, Taunton, Bridgwater, Highbridge, the M5 Corridor and Weston-super-Mare.

Imagine the scene: It was another rainy day on the Somerset construction site, but the workers had a secret weapon against the Great British Weather – the GP360 Welfare Unit from Burnham Portable Toilet Hire. As the lunch hour approached, 12 wet and hungry construction workers made their way to the unit, looking forward to a hot meal and some much-needed shelter from the rain.

As they stepped inside the unit, they were pleasantly surprised by the warm, dry atmosphere and the range of amenities on offer. The kitchen area had everything they needed to prepare a hot meal, including a sink with running water, a microwave, and a disposable cup dispenser for hot drinks. They quickly got to work, heating up some delicious leftovers and brewing a cups of tea.

While they waited for their food to cook, they made themselves comfortable in the rest area, which was equipped with a table and seating for up to six people. They chatted about the day’s work, sharing stories and jokes as they warmed up by the electric heater. Some of the workers even took advantage of the drying room to dry their clothes and boots, which had been soaked through by the rain.

After their lunch, the workers took some time to relax and recharge. Some of them played a game of cards, while others payed a mobile game, browsed social media or caught up on texts and phone calls. The noise of the rain on the roof of the GP360 provided a soothing background as they enjoyed their work break.

As the hour came to an end, the chippie, sparky, brickie, plumber, welder, labourer and the Site Manager emerged from the unit feeling refreshed and energized. They knew that they had a tough afternoon of work ahead of them, but they felt ready to face the challenge, thanks to the comfort and amenities of the Groundhog Welfare Unit.

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    Welfare Unit Hire in Somerset – Frome, Cheddar, Wells, Yeovil, Taunton, Bridgwater, Highbridge, Burnham and Weston-super-Mare

    The Groundhog Cabin is constructed from heavy-duty materials to withstand harsh outdoor conditions and can be easily transported to different job sites using a standard tow hitch. The on-site temporary cabin is designed to be compliant with UK health and safety regulations and can help to improve the welfare and productivity of workers on outdoor job sites. With its spacious and comfortable interior, the cabin provides a much-needed break from the elements and allows workers to rest, eat, and recharge before returning to work.

    Some of the key features of the cabin include:

    • A spacious interior that can accommodate up to six workers
    • Seating areas with tables and bench seats
    • A kitchen area with a sink, hot and cold water, a microwave, and a kettle
    • A drying room for wet clothes and boots
    • A toilet with a hand basin and mirror
    • Heating and lighting throughout the cabin
    • Lockable storage compartments for tools and equipment
    • Stabilizing legs for added stability on uneven ground

    Groundhog Welfare Unit Servicing in Somerset

    Burnham Portable Toilet will locate the waste water and effluent tank underneath the units, we can access these tanks easily and dispose of all waste safely and correctly. As a family owned waste management company, you can rely on our staff to be on time every time. We schedule the servicing of your rented units at a time and date that suits you, or arrange a regular emptying schedule to meet your specific needs.

    • Maintaining: Ensuring that it is clean and functional.
    • Repairing: We will promptly report any repair needs, such as a broken microwave or a malfunctioning generator.
    • Cleaning: This refers to the process of keeping the welfare unit sanitary and free of debris or waste. This involves tasks like emptying waste tanks, wiping down surfaces, and replenishing supplies like toilet paper and soap.
    • Inspecting: We strive to identify any issues or potential problems that are not real problems just yet. This may involve checking the electrical system, inspecting the plumbing, and ensuring that all safety features are in place and functional during periods of long term hire.