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These septic storage tanks are normally installed on sites where no sewage or mains drains are connected at that time. It will contain all the site’s waste water and sewage. These tanks can vary in size, Burnham Portable Toilet Hire can empty and service these tanks at all times. The only way to remove the waste is by a licensed contractor such as ourselves.

Our highly trained operators will arrive on site with all the correct PPE and safely remove and dispose of the waste. This will ensure that you are complying with all the regulatory requirements, such as the Environment Agency. Burnham Portable Toilet Hire will provide you with all necessary insurance certificates, waste carriers licence, permit to discharge and waste transfer notes.

Somerset and Bristol Costs of Emptying a Septic Tank – Understanding the pricing for tank emptying in 2023

The expenses involved in emptying a septic tank can vary quite significantly, largely influenced by factors like the volume of waste and the distance to the location. For a ballpark figure, we can consider the costs of employing a fully loaded large tanker, which represents the upper limit in terms of price. This might set you back up to £500, encompassing the process of pumping out and disposing of the waste.

However, in the case of a local domestic tank—say, one that holds up to 1000 gallons of waste—the cost is generally more manageable, starting around £160. This figure, however, is not fixed and can rise based on a few key variables. Price may vary after August 2023.

The septic tank is an underground installation. Therefore, storage isn’t an issue once it’s installed. However, maintaining its health and functionality is crucial. Regular inspection by a professional every 3-5 years is recommended, and depending on usage, the tank may need to be pumped every 3-5 years to remove sludge and prevent overflow.

Firstly, the distance to the site plays a substantial role in determining the final cost. Longer travel times mean higher fuel consumption and increased labour hours, which subsequently drive up the price. Secondly, the volume of waste to be removed directly impacts the cost as well. Larger volumes of waste require more work to pump out and more space in the tanker, which translates to higher fees.

We cover a broad geographical range, which includes Bristol and its surrounding areas. Our service area extends along the M5 corridor, servicing locations such as Portishead, Avonmouth, Clevedon, Nailsea, Worle, Weston-super-Mare, Banwell, Brean, Hinkley Point, Burnham on Sea, Taunton, Exeter, and Glastonbury, as well as the surrounding business parks.

Our clientele is diverse, encompassing commercial and industrial companies, in addition to individual households. Regardless of the size or nature of the task, we strive to provide the best possible service, ensuring efficient and responsible waste management for all our customers in the region. As such, the pricing we offer seeks to reflect the fair value of our services, taking into account the specific needs and circumstances of each job.

We can arrange a service at a time and date to suit you. This can be a call off service or indeed to meet a schedule if you require. Major companies in the area are amongst our regular customers.

What is a Septic Tank in Professional and Non Technical Terms?

A septic tank is a fundamental component of a self-contained onsite sewage facility (OSSF), particularly in regions where centralised sewage treatment plants are inaccessible. Essentially, it’s an anaerobic wastewater treatment system, wherein wastewater is treated through biological decomposition and sedimentation. The system comprises a subterranean, watertight receptacle designed to accumulate and partially treat raw domestic sanitary waste.

A septic tank is a vital component of an individual sewage disposal system, primarily found in locations where access to public sewer systems is not available. It is a large, underground, watertight container that collects and treats wastewater from your household. As the waste enters the tank, solids settle at the bottom, forming a sludge layer, while lighter materials like oil and grease float to the top, creating a scum layer. The wastewater in between, known as effluent, is then gradually released into the drain field for further natural treatment in the soil.

Septic tanks work best when they can cultivate the bacteria necessary for breaking down waste. Therefore, chemical additives are generally not required and could be harmful. Avoid pouring harsh chemicals, like bleach, paint, or heavy cleaners, into your system as they can kill the beneficial bacteria. If facing problems, it’s best to consult with a professional service provider like Burnham Portable Toilet Hire.

What are the Advantages vs Disadvantages of Septic Tanks? When Will They Need Replacing?

Septic tanks come with their own set of pros and cons. On the plus side, they are usually more cost-effective over time, and being a localised system, they are less prone to large scale failures. They are environmentally friendly as they naturally treat the wastewater, reducing pollution and conserving water by recharging local groundwater.

However, on the downside, they require regular maintenance and pumping to remain functional. Neglected tanks can cause health hazards and expensive repair or replacement costs. Also, the initial installation can be costly and complex, and their efficiency can be affected by the size of the property and soil type.

The need for septic tank replacement can be indicated by several signs such as foul odours, slow drainage or backflow, pooling water around the drain field, or unusually vibrant vegetation around the tank area. More serious signs include sewage backup into your property and contamination of nearby water sources.

Choosing Burnham Portable Toilet Hire means investing in reliable, professional service. We bring over 30 years of experience to our work, offering cost-effective and eco-friendly solutions for waste management. As a local family business, we are committed to our community and understand the specific needs of Somerset and surrounding areas. We’re not just a service provider, we’re your neighbours. Trusting us with your septic tank needs ensures our personal, responsive service from people who know and care about your community.

Installing a Septic Tank for the First Time – Replacing an old one

Installation of a septic tank is a rigorous process that demands meticulous attention and professional expertise. Initially, a thorough site and soil evaluation is performed to determine the system’s size and location. Once an appropriate tank has been selected, excavation is carried out using heavy machinery like backhoes. The tank is then placed into the hole, ensuring it is level, and backfilled with soil. This process should always be undertaken by a qualified professional to comply with local building codes and regulations, and to minimise potential environmental impact.

In terms of environmental consciousness, it’s critical to ensure the septic system is not positioned near water sources to prevent potential contamination. Also, consider eco-friendly alternatives for the leach field, such as a drip distribution system or constructed wetland system.

Maintenance is vital to prolong the lifespan of your septic system and to maintain its efficiency. Regular inspections every 1-3 years by a professional and pumping out the tank every 3-5 years is advisable. Also, practise good water conservation to reduce the load on the system and avoid disposing of non-biodegradable waste or harmful chemicals into the system, as these can disrupt the biological treatment process.

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Burnham Portable Toilet Hire have supplied services for Natural England Nature Reserve and the Avalon Marshes Centre for a number of years now and have always provide a very cost effective, friendly, flexible and professional service on all occasions

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