Septic Tank Emptying Somerset – Commercial Domestic

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Here at Burnham Portable Toilet Hire we have been emptying septic tanks, bio digesters, cess pits for as long as we can remember, so 27 years plus. With different size vehicles we can reach most tanks, we also carry 60 meters of pipe on the lorries. When booking an empty, we will ask several questions such as:

  • When was the last time you had your tank emptied?
  • How far is the tank from where we can safely park the lorry?

We ask these questions as it is vital for us to understand what we are dealing with on arrival. If tanks are left for years, the tank can become solid, making an hour slot possibly three hours. We encourage customers to have regular empties, one per annum generally, certainly no longer than two years.

Septic Tank Emptying Somerset Bio Digester and Domestic Commercial Cess Pits

Septic Tank, Bio Digester and Cess Pit Emptying – Duty of Care Waste Transfer Note

Our friendly team, will go above and beyond. They all have a wealth of experience and have seen it all. We will leave you with a Duty of Care Waste Transfer Note, this shows how much we have taken and where the waste is disposed of. Here at Burnham Portable Toilet Hire we have all the relevant licences and insurance. If you were to sell your property, your solicitor would want copies of waste transfer notes.

Legalities and Costs of Emptying Septic Tanks – Check Waste Carriers Licence

BEWARE: If you have a quote that is cheap, it’s not always best. There are lots of rouge companies claiming they have waste carriers licences, this is not always the case. It is then illegal for them to remove your waste.

“If it sounds to good to be true, it generally is.

Call 01278 794800 to speak to our experienced team.”

Bio Digester, Septic Tank and Cess Pit Differences

A septic tank consists of one storage tank designed to allow the solid and liquids waste to separate slowly. These tanks must be water tight to allow no contamination into the ground. Bacteriological action will take place and so that liquid can safely exit the tank to a soakaway system, where liquids can be dispersed into the ground.  These tanks are usually placed in properties that cannot connect to mains drainage. All raw sewage and waste water will feed into the tank from the property.

These tanks can vary from any shape and size – we have the ability to reach tanks that are not always easily accessible.

A cess pit is a collection area for both effluent and waste water like a septic tank. However, cess pits do not have a soakaway system, this means that the wet waste has nowhere to go. A cess pit is basically a holding tank until it is emptied.

These types of pits will require regular emptying as they will fill quickly due to the nature of the pit and no soakaway system in place, and this could cause them to overflow.

A biodigester is a more affective form of a septic tank. It converts the raw sewage and waste into biogas. Like all types of tanks, they require maintenance and checks from time to time. The biodigester will require emptying to maintain its functionality.

Septic Tank Emptying Commercial

These septic storage tanks are normally installed on sites where no sewage or mains drains are connected at that time. It will contain all the site’s waste water and sewage. These tanks can vary in size, Burnham Portable Toilet Hire can empty and service these tanks at all times. The only way to remove the waste is by a licensed contractor such as ourselves. Our highly trained operators will arrive on site with all the correct PPE and safely remove and dispose of the waste. This will ensure that you are complying with all the regulatory requirements, such as the Environment Agency.

We can arrange a service at a time and date to suit you. This can be a call off service or indeed to meet a schedule if you require.

Burnham Portable Toilet Hire will provide you with all necessary insurance certificates, waste carriers licence, permit to discharge and duty of care waste transfer notes.

Major companies in the area are amongst our regular customers. We currently work on Hinkley Point C site, where all of our drivers are badged and security checked.

Somerset areas covered for Waste Management and Septic Tank Emptying Domestic and Commercial

We cover Highbridge, Burnham On Sea, East Huntspill, West Huntspill, Mark, Wedmore, Axbridge, Tarnock, Cheddar, Stone Allerton, Chapel Allerton, Edithmead, Brean, Berrrow, Lympham, Brent knoll, East Brent, Rooksbridge, Biddisham, Bridgwater, North Petherton, Weston Super Mare, Worle, Cannington, Street, Wells, Bristol, Taunton, North Curry, Winscombe, Sidcot, Clevedon, Nailsea, Pawlett, Stretcholt, plus lots more.