Remember the 1980’s portable toilets at music festivals? No? The pinnacle of human achievement and sophistication. Who doesn’t relish the thought of stumbling through a muddy field at 2 AM, guided by the sweet aroma of overused chemical toilets? It’s a cherished tradition, really, like warm beer and sunburn.

Hold onto your flower crowns, festival-goers, relax, because there’s a local family company in Somerset determined to upset this delicate ecosystem of squalor. Yes, you heard right – a portable toilet hire company with the audacious goal of making field toilets… tolerable. The sheer nerve. Call us us if you don’t believe us and we’ll provide client references and a quick price quotation on 01278 794800 or send a message online right now using the Contact Form.

Our family has never been content with the time-honored festival tradition of leaving attendees to marinate in their own filth, we are here today on a quixotic mission to “change attitudes” towards music festival toilets in the middle of a field. Because apparently, some people don’t enjoy playing “guess that smell” or “dodge the puddle” while answering nature’s call. Spoilsports.

It’s not just portable toilets that you can hire, we also supply and service welfare pods, hot showers and stand alone hot wash stations. Our clients range from construction sites, local authorities and councils, to building sites for new build homes, outdoor garden events, rural weddings in a field, music festivals, and when we’ve got availability just a single unit hire for domestic use (house refurbishment, for example) and private parties.

The Secret to Clean Festivals: Personal Maintenance and Exceptional Service

What’s our innovative approach? Daily cleaning and maintenance. Revolutionary, I know. It’s almost as if they think festival-goers deserve basic hygiene. What’s next? Actual toilet paper? Soap that isn’t just a vague memory? Truly, we live in an age of wonders.

So the next time you’re at a sporting event, music festival, or outdoor wedding, and you find yourself pleasantly surprised by a portable toilet that doesn’t immediately make you want to sit and reserve it until it’s time to pack up the tent, spare a thought for our #LooCrew tireless toilet technicians.

Our team are the real rockstars of the festival circuit, turning what could be a bio-hazardous nightmare into merely a mildly unpleasant experience. We don’t wear capes – we wear rubber gloves and carry industrial-strength disinfectant.

This disruptive toilet technology threatens to rob us of those cherished festival memories: the desperate hunt for a stall with a functioning lock, the camaraderie forged in queues that rival Soviet bread lines, the thrill of entering a porta-potty and emerging with your soul forever changed.

But fear not, traditionalists. There will always be those who cling to the old ways, who believe that a true festival experience isn’t complete without at least one traumatic toilet encounter. For the rest of us, however, this brave new world of marginally less horrifying portable toilets beckons.

So the next time you’re at a Somerset festival, and you find yourself using a toilet that doesn’t require a hazmat suit and therapy afterwards, pour one out for the good old days. Progress, it seems, waits for no man – not even those mid-queue for the loo.

Waste Management: The Unsung Heroes of Sanitation

Burnham Portable Toilet Hire isn’t just about removing waste; we’re full-service professionals. We’ll provide you with all the paperwork you never knew you needed: insurance certificates, waste carriers licence, permit to discharge, and waste transfer notes. It’s like Christmas, but instead of presents, you get official documents about your waste.

The riveting realm of portable toilet servicing we don’t discriminate. Septic tanks, cesspits, cesspools, welfare units, bio-digesters, toilets – if it holds waste, we’ll empty it. Domestic or commercial, we don’t care. Your waste is our pleasure.

For construction site managers, sports team managers, festival organisers, and wedding/marquee hire business owners, Burnham Portable Toilet Hire offers several compelling reasons to choose our family business versus a UK National company.

  • Unrivalled Attendant Service: Our commitment to cleanliness and customer satisfaction is demonstrated through their dedicated attendant service, ensuring facilities are always in top condition.
  • Diverse Fleet: With a range of vehicles designed to meet various needs, they can cater to events of all sizes and types.
  • Local Expertise: As a family-owned business rooted in Somerset, they understand the unique requirements of the region and are committed to providing a personal and highly experienced service.

Somerset Festival Portable Loo Hire Toilets Construction Site Commercial Somerset Bristol

Mercedes Arocs 1827K Tanker Lorry

Meet the star of our show: the Mercedes Arocs 1827K Tanker Lorry. It’s not just any truck; it’s a veritable Rolls-Royce of waste removal. With 360-degree cameras, it’s got more eyes than a spider, ensuring our drivers can see every nook and cranny of their route. Because nothing says “luxury” quite like being able to watch your own truck from all angles while hauling literal tons of human waste.

This beauty comes equipped with full Chapter 8 signage, allowing it to stop on roads above 50mph. Because sometimes, when nature calls, it screams, and we need to answer at highway speeds. It’s a construction specification vehicle, which means it’s built tough – tough enough to handle whatever you’ve been eating at that festival.

Now, let’s talk capacity. This behemoth can carry up to 2000 gallons of waste. That’s right, folks – 2000 gallons of yesterday’s beer and dodgy food truck fare, all in one convenient package. But we’re not just about taking; we’re givers too. We carry 500 gallons of fresh water, because we believe in balance. You give us your waste, we give you water. It’s the circle of life, porta-potty style.

With 65 meters of pipe at our disposal, we can reach practically anywhere. Your toilet could be perched atop a hill, hidden in a valley, or floating on a lake (don’t ask), and we’ll still get to it. Our PTO-driven vacuum pump is so fast and quiet, you’ll hardly notice we’re there. One moment you’re worrying about an overflowing toilet, the next – poof! – problem solved. It’s like magic, but smellier.


We’re flexible too. Need regular emptying? We’re there. One-off emergency? We’ve got you covered. We’ll even leave waste disposal notes for your records, because nothing says “fun souvenir” quite like documented proof of your waste removal.

Our drivers aren’t just any old Joe Schmoes off the street. They’re experienced, friendly, reliable, and trustworthy. They have a vast knowledge of waste management, which I’m sure makes them a hit at parties. “Oh, you’re a doctor? That’s nice. Let me tell you about the time I pumped 2000 gallons of festival waste…” Try to contain your excitement.

We also do emergency call outs too. Because nothing says “good time” quite like a 3am ablution crisis. You’ll love Burnham Portable Toilet Hire, feel confident in providing your guests or workers with the highest standard of sanitation services, ensuring a successful and hygienic event.