April 2020 – Meet The Team at Burnham Portable Toilet Hire

So, the last two weeks or so has been a very scary and almost surreal time for the whole world. The gradual shutdown of the world following the Coronavirus pandemic will affect us all. In these times of uncertainty, we as a business are key workers, no body wants effluent waste all over the garden, or indeed anywhere.

One thing that is always real and always there is our amazing team. We try to thank them often, and show ways of appreciation, but sometimes life gets in the way. Well now is the time if ever, to be reflective of how lucky we are, and I wanted to share with you our story about our wonderful team.

Please for the time being, do not approach our drivers, keep a safe distance and allow us to work safely.

Once this is over, and its important we remember at some point it will be, call the lads over for a cuppa and biscuit. They’d love that. This is a time for supporting each other and being kind. I do wonder if, at the end of this we will look differently at the world and material things, I hope so. There is absolutely no doubt, we have some tough times ahead, but as a country we need to step up and do what we are asked to do.

Mark (aka Jack)

Mark is or Jack as I call him, is a quiet and reserved chap indeed. His work ethic is one to be reckoned with. He works like a machine, hands like spades which isn’t entirely ironic as his love for diggers is on par for his wife.

Mark is my work husband (its ok he is my brother in law), my right-hand man with a heart as big as a lion. Mark’s drive and determination for this business has gone from strength to strength. He would literally work all the hours in the world to make us successful. I need to thank Emma his wife here, for letting him do it 😉

In his spare time, he loves to spend time with his wife and children, enjoys golf, fishing, and generally keeping busy.

Gavin (aka Dorie)

Gavin or Dorie as I fondly call him, is the sole to the earth type of chap. If any of you have watched “Finding Nemo” you’ll understand why I call him Dorie. He is hardworking, loyal, and the biggest advocate for our company. Gavin has the best relationship with our customers and goes out of his way to help in every way possible.

In his spare time Gavin keeps a very productive allotment which has seen us all fed with fresh fruit and vegetables.

Graham aka “The angry one”

Our Graham, he really isn’t that angry. Graham again, hardworking, punctual, actually early every day. Graham has a great sense of humour once you’ve worked out what he is actually saying, (he’s from Northumberland).

Graham has a can-do approach to everything he does, and can pretty much turn rubbish into riches. He has created works of Art from old water containers and made them into bits of kit we use every day.

In his spare time Graham spends his days with his lovely wife and also looking after Rosie the horse. Graham is partial to Somerset’s finest cider.

Mark (yep we have two)

Mark is our newest recruit; he has been working with us for well over a year now. Mark is funny, loyal, hardworking, his brain is like a living Sat Nav, if he hasn’t been there, I doubt anyone has. Again, Mark has a can-do approach and nothing is to much for him, I think he may be finally getting used to his day being changed by the hour.

In his spare time, Mark enjoys a game of Golf, helping his wife with the horses (not sure if he actually enjoys that bit). Mark also likes making Gin, which is good I might add, plus jams, chutneys and anything he can get his hands on.

Buster aka The Office Dog

Buster the recruit that sleeps on the job and gets away with it. This beautiful boy is as spoilt as they come, not only is he fussed over daily, the amount of biscuits he is fed, I dread to think.

In his spare time, Buster enjoys long walks, eating and sleeping.

Myself (Becky)

So, my Mum and Dad, are Steve and Jackie, company directors of the business. Whilst growing up, I swore I would never work for them. My career was a prison officer, but after I had my first child, I went to them cap in hand and asked for a job.

At first, I found it really hard, but then as time went on, Steve and Jackie let go of the reins and I was off. I actually love my job, how many of us can say that? I know that working with these boys makes it even better. I would be lost without them. Being a family run business, everyone chips in from time to time. My sisters Emma and Estelle have all had or have input ideas, or just pulled on some gloves to help clean where needed.

In my spare time, I love to run, drink Gin and look after my family.

That’s the team, what a marvellous bunch they are. As a company we have asked all of our employees if they are comfortable to work at the present time, we are of course following Government guidelines, of social distancing, 2 meters apart, correct PPE, and stringent hygiene practices.

The team have decided to continue to operate, I cannot describe how proud I am of them. I had a conversation with Graham this week, he described me as being the glue that kept us all together, I disagree, our amazing team each have a part in this puzzle that is Burnham Portable Toilet Hire and I would be lost without them.

To have good employees, you need to be a good employer, I think we have the balance just perfect here. If you see the lorries out and about, please bear in mind that we need to be. We are supporting all local companies that can no longer work by suspending hires, they will not have a bill from us.

To all our friends, customers, followers and more, stay safe, stay at home if you can, and look after each other.