Welfare Unit Hire Weston Super Mare Case Study

Situated on the outskirts of Weston Super Mare, Burnham Portable Toilet Hire recently played a crucial role in addressing a unique challenge faced by Resor 8. Resor 8, a company based in Panborough near Glastonbury, Somerset, found itself in need of a comprehensive solution due to the absence of mains water and electricity at their business site. They required essential welfare facilities for their team, leading them to discover Burnham Portable Toilet Hire through a Google search.

Who Needed The Welfare Unit?

Resor 8, nestled in the picturesque setting of Panborough, Somerset, required a welfare unit for their site. The unit, provided by us, was equipped with a generator to ensure a reliable power source, addressing the specific challenges posed by the lack of mains water and electricity.

The Solution

Recognising the unique requirements of Resor 8’s off-grid site, Burnham Portable Toilet Hire stepped in to provide a tailored solution. The company demonstrated dedication and flexibility by delivering the welfare unit directly to Resor 8’s location. This included strategic planning and ensuring the inclusion of a generator to meet the specific power needs of the site.

Welfare Unit Delivery and Set-Up

The team at Burnham Portable Toilet Hire showcased their commitment to client satisfaction by travelling from the outskirts of Weston Super Mare to deliver the welfare unit. This journey underscored their dedication to providing comprehensive solutions that align with the unique needs of their clients.

The Result

Beyond solving the immediate challenge, the collaboration between Resor 8 and Burnham Portable Toilet Hire demonstrated the importance of adaptability in meeting the needs of clients operating in off-grid environments. This successful partnership showcased the power of collaboration and problem-solving.

In overcoming the hurdles of providing welfare facilities without mains water and electricity, Resor 8 and Burnham Portable Toilet Hire exemplified the success that can come from a partnership between a company in need and a service provider willing to go above and beyond.

Welfare Unit Hire Weston Super Mare

GP360 Welfare Unit Genquip Groundhog Features – for 12 workers

The GP360 Welfare Unit boasts features tailored for the comfort and well-being of up to 12 workers. This unit is not only compliant with Health and Safety standards but also a testament to efficiency and convenience.

Quick Setup and Mobility

Setting up the GP360 is a breeze, thanks to unique hydraulic jacks and retracting wheels. This cutting-edge design allows for swift towing to your work site, and with the capability for one person to complete the entire setup process in less than three minutes, downtime is significantly minimised.

Comprehensive Welfare Unit Facilities

Inside the unit, a range of amenities awaits, addressing the basic welfare needs of workers. The rear of the unit is equipped with a recirculating toilet featuring hand washing facilities, a drying room, and a super-silenced diesel generator. The front of the unit houses a well-appointed kitchen with a single stainless steel sink, a cold water tap, 20 litres of fresh drinking water with a disposable cup dispenser, a 20-litre waste water tank, an instant hot water hand wash, a microwave, and a first aid kit. The adjoining rest area accommodates up to six people with a table and seating area, an electric heater, and a remote starting facility for the generator.

Versatile and Time-Efficient

One of the standout features of the GP360 is its ease of mobility. With a three-minute pick-up and set-down time, the unit effortlessly adapts to the changing dynamics of your work site. This not only enhances operational flexibility but also results in significant time and cost savings.

Additional Options and Services

For those seeking additional options, Burnham Portable Toilet Hire offers Welfare Units manufactured by other premium brands. Consider pre-ordering a groundhog unit as part of your next outdoor project. We also provide Construction Site portable toilets across the South West UK.

Welfare Unit Servicing

To ensure the continuous functionality of the GP360, Burnham Portable Toilet Hire offers reliable welfare unit servicing. Waste water and effluent are held in a separate tank underneath the units, with Burnham Portable Toilet Hire providing hassle-free disposal services. Competitive rates and flexible servicing schedules tailored to your needs make this a convenient and efficient solution. Rest assured, Burnham Portable Toilet Hire provides all necessary documentation, including insurance certificates, waste carriers license, permit to discharge, and waste transfer notes.

In choosing the GP360 Welfare Unit from Genquip Groundhog and Burnham Portable Toilet Hire, Resor 8 found a comprehensive solution that not only met regulatory standards but also enhanced the overall welfare and efficiency of their on-site operations.

We have a limited number of GP360 Welfare Units available to hire, as well as providing inspecting, cleaning and restocking for units that have been provided by another organisation. These self-contained units are usually placed where no electricity, water or drains are on site. We can service the toilet and refill water on all unit sizes. Enquire on the office number: 01278 794800 or send a message via the email Contact Form.